A Team Approach


LiveWire has assembled a team of professionals deeply rooted in the cannabis space with a passion for all capabilities the plant has to offer. LiveWire will capitalize on new discoveries by developing and licensing unique strains to organizations developing products supported by evidence-based research.



We are currently conducting research in very controlled environments with our experts in plant evolution to develop a zero-pesticide and clean-genetic strain vault.

Grow Facilities

Multiple facilities are being designed for construction and operations according to applicable codes,  standards and permitting. These facilities will be contracted to grow our specific strains.


Our extractor technicians specialize in Cannabis for medicinal purposes and prepare our specific strains for research purposes and commercial production.

Management & Contacts


Bill Hodson  |  Chairman and Chief Executive officer

Cliff Rusin  |  President and Chief Operating Officer

Investor Relations  |  EquiNet, LLC

Equinet Toll Free (877) 964-6463

Investor Information